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Live from Your Center

Live from Your Center

Most of us were not taught how to live from the Center of ourselves, the very core of who we are. Our core is where we feel a sense of well-being, inner peace and fulfillment. It is imbued with immense and infinite power. It is also our access point to universal wisdom, where our True Self and personal truth reside.

We have all experienced life challenges and conditioning that have caused us to disconnect from this meaningful and powerful center. We have developed defense mechanisms and resistances to keep this cherished treasure buried deep within us, safe from what we perceive as a harsh external environment. In fact, many of us have buried it so deep, that we have hidden it from even ourselves, with only the faintest conscious memory of its existence.

Reclaim Your Inner Treasures

Treasure Chest

While we have developed these guarding techniques for good reasons, they can begin to take over our lives and cut us off from our inner treasure, the very part of us that allows us to enjoy life fully and connect deeply to ourselves, others and our natural world.

Without access to our internal sense of Self, we are less likely to have the inner resources to draw upon when we encounter challenging situations. We may feel threatened or lost. We may have more difficulty being authentically ourselves around others. We also may act unconsciously, which can damage our relationships and keep us from reaching our full potential.

It is no wonder that so many of us as adults are dealing with such profound levels of anxiety, fear, anger, shame, depression and addictions. Without the connection to our Center, we know instinctively that our lives are hollow, even if we don’t know what to do about it.

The good news is that it is never too late to reconnect with and live from our Center, this natural part of what it is to be human. Even though we may not have been taught earlier in life how to access this precious part of us, as adults it is now up to us to take ourselves the rest of the way on this journey home to our cherished Inner Self.

Let Your Center Guide You Home

Lighthouse at night.

Although our Center is not physically tangible, it provides an invisible organizing structure that helps us experience a cohesive sense of Self. It acts as our internal homing beacon, calling us back home to the center of ourselves in all that we think, feel and do. Even when we ignore or override the call, our Center beckons us home where our love, solace, peace of mind and wisdom reside.

Those who do not operate from their Center act as though they have an “exoskeleton,” like the hard shell of a crab or beetle. Without a solid sense of their own Center, their reference point is focused outward. They get easily rattled by change and they need their external environment to be “perfect” to feel safe in the world. They often feel disappointed by the behavior of others or may even harbor a deep sense of betrayal when others let them down.

Vitruvian Skeleton

When we operate from our Center, we know we have an internal framework or “endoskeleton,” which we carry with us wherever we go. This inner guidance system allows us to relax within ourselves, knowing we contain all the inner resources we need to handle whatever we encounter in the outer world.

This inner trust and knowing gives us the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. Like the reed in the wind, we are able to respond to new input and new situations, whether or not they are in our control. When others let us down, while we may feel it deeply, it doesn’t rock us off center, since we know we have an actively functioning internal gyroscope.

There are many tools that can help you strengthen your internal guidance system, so you can operate in the real world from the center of yourself. Here are a few to get you started.

Tap into Your Infinite power source

The energy that surges through the universe and earth, also surges through us as human beings. We naturally have access to this universal energy or power source. Unfortunately, many times through painful life experiences, we block this natural energy flow in an effort to protect ourselves from deep hurt or further harm. When we live from our Center, we are dedicated to facing and releasing our personal energy blocks that prevent us from tapping into our natural power source.

Own Your core STrength

When we live from our center and tap into our infinite power source, we naturally have access to our core strength. There is a vertical quality to this access, which allows the universal energies to flow freely through us, while we are firmly planted on earth. When we are in balance between the two realms, we have a sense of lightness of being, are more at home in our body, feel more resilient, exude more self-confidence, and we are better able to carry out with clear intention what we came to this life to do.

Recognize YouR Intrinsic Value

There are so many of us who believe we are “human doings” rather than “human beings.” We have been taught through conditioning that our value to the world is based on outer factors, such as what we do through our labor, our place in the social hierarchy or our contribution to the community. When we buy into this message, though, it keeps us from seeing that we have intrinsic value, just because we exist.

Let Your Life Beat to Your Heart Center

Our Core Being comes here with an open heart ready to receive the lessons our lives have to teach us, while it attempts to keep us aligned with truth, love, and our highest sense of morality. Our heart has its own logic, but our Western culture has generally taught us to override it. There are ways to reconnect with this key component of our internal guidance system.

Fill Your Self-Compassion Container

Since we are fallible human beings, we will inevitably make mistakes, act foolishly, hurt other people’s feelings, fail to meet our own moral standards and otherwise disappoint ourselves. That is part of our learning process. When we fill our self-compassion container, we are able to more easily forgive ourselves for our foibles and release the guilt and shame that keep us from living life fully.

Commit to Lifelong Learning

Key to living from our Center is dedication to lifelong learning. Many people have fixed thinking. They rigidly believe their talents and abilities are unchangeable. As lifelong learners, however, we are committed to our personal growth. We see the world through eyes of creativity, expansiveness and opportunity.

Practical Benefits of Living from Your Center

Living from your Center is not just a mental construct. It has practical implications for the way you live your life:

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  • It allows you to be at home within yourself, no matter what your outside circumstances.

  • It helps you listen to your Inner Truth for better decision-making, so you can avoid going down self-destructive paths.

  • It helps balance your intuition and reasoning, so you have better discernment and can rely more consistently on your Inner Wisdom.

  • It helps you make peace with your past, as you practice self-compassion and self-forgiveness.

  • It helps you relate with others less defensively, so you can develop the heart-felt connections you deeply desire.



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