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Tap into Your Infinite Power Source

Tap into Your Infinite power source 

Blue glowing giant lightning energy field in space

The universe is teaming with energy, whether it is at the micro-cosmic realm of quarks and photons or the macro-cosmic level of galaxies. Even though energy is not generally tangible, its power is evident in the dynamic interplay of the currently known forces of nature including gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force.

The energy that surges through the universe and earth, also surges through all its inhabitants, including us as human beings. From the moment the spark of life animates our physical body, we naturally have access to this universal energy or power source. We experience it as a zest for life, passionate creativity, playfulness, and joy. We feel the surge of energy when we intensely focus our attention, demonstrate determination or experience a sense of meaning or purpose when working toward a goal we want to accomplish. We tap into this energy when we muster our courage to stretch beyond our comfort zone. We experience the energy flow through us when we grieve deeply and love fully.

Determined woman prior to starting on race track

Unfortunately, many times through painful life experiences, we block this natural energy flow in an effort to protect ourselves from deep hurt or further harm. We consciously or unconsciously do whatever it takes to keep painful feelings away from the most cherished and vulnerable parts of our psyche. We may numb out with licit or illicit drugs. We may press down our feeling and sink into a deep depression. We may distract ourselves through shopping, throwing ourselves into our work, or putting all our attention on “fixing” other people in our lives.

When we live from our center, we are dedicated to facing and releasing our personal energy blocks that prevent us from tapping into our natural power source. Sometimes our energy blocks are purely physical, but many more times those blocks need to be released at the mental, emotional, or spiritual levels of our being.

Techniques to Release Your Energy Blocks

There are many techniques that can help you release what impedes your ability to naturally tap into your infinite power source. Here are some to help you get started. (For more details about these techniques and others, see the book, The Heroic Path of Self-Forgiveness.)

  • Quit Holding Yourself Hostage to Your Past - We all have past experiences that we regret. We may feel anger, disappointment, sorrow or remorse about what occurred (or did not occur). But, our sense of loss does not have to be debilitating. When we are willing to release the burden of self-punishment, not only are we free of the regret. We also regain our sense of self-worth that grants us permission to tap into our natural power source. Here are some steps you can use to release self-punishment:

  1. Feel where in your body you are carrying the load. Are you sore from carrying it?

  2. Examine the burden. What does it look like? If it is like a bag, suitcase, backpack, etc., examine the contents. Take each piece out one by one and spread them on the ground, so you can clearly see them. Do you notice any similarity about this group of items?

  3. See yourself as a bystander passing by. Listen intently to the tale of woe from the part of you who is distraught from carrying the burden. As the detached bystander, what would you say to provide solace to this person who is so distraught? Are there any words of wisdom you can share that might be helpful?

  4. Shift your focus back to being the distraught one. What are the key nuggets of support given by this bystander that you have found most helpful? Can you now provide that support to yourself?

  5. Visualize dropping the burden next to you where you stand. How do you feel in your body now? Anchor this feeling in your memory as you see yourself walking away and leaving the burden behind you.

  6. Ask yourself, “Are there are specific actions I can take to lighten my self-punishment load in other facets of my life?” If so, make note of those actions and begin to implement them in your daily reality!

  7. Notice how much more energy and power you feel each time you drop the burden of self-punishment.

  • Clear the Past with Family Members - Regardless of how well-intentioned parents or spouses may be and no matter how angelic children can be, there are likely times when our family members have pushed our buttons and we have pushed theirs. Maybe we felt betrayed because they did not live up to our expectations. Perhaps we were severely hurt or deeply traumatized by their thoughtlessness, neglect or abusive behavior. Other times we may deeply regret how we lashed out in pain, anger, or ignorance toward them. And still other times we may feel profound guilt at how we treated our children or did not appropriately nurture and protect them.

    To relate from our center with family members, we may need to do our emotional housecleaning, release ourselves from unconscious contracts, or own our own perception of reality. Sometimes, to feel clear we need to talk to the family member directly about our feelings. Other times it may be more helpful to process our feelings with a trusted friend, therapist or someone else other than that a family member. Still other times it may be more helpful to turn inward for clarity. No matter what we choose to do, each time we activate the clearing process, we learn more about ourselves and reclaim a little more of our personal power.

  • Extract Yourself from Thought Traps - Sometimes we may need to examine specific thoughts to determine whether they serve us or hinder us and whether they keep us stuck in self-perpetuating negativity or no win situations. When we are in a negative state of mind it is virtually impossible to forgive ourselves and access our personal power, so we can move on with our lives. Sometimes thought traps originate from an “error loop” in our thinking process. Our minds are closed to new input, which tends to recycle negativity within us. With a closed negative loop in our thinking, we continually punish ourselves for the same shortcoming. To break free of thought traps, it may be helpful to think creatively about locating an exit point so we can escape. 

Beware of particularly insidious thoughts that keep you trapped in the past or fixated on the future instead of living in the present moment. If you find yourself saying, “if only” it may be a sign that you are trapped in the past. If you find yourself saying, “I will not be happy until …” it may be a sign that you are denying yourself happiness now in favor of chasing after an elusive carrot at the end of a stick.

Future-Past Sign

When we are determined to trap ourselves, particularly when it comes to self-forgiveness and owning our power, there is often a punitive quality to our thinking process. We look internally at ourselves with harsh eyes. To shift our thinking, the action called for may be to soften our approach. The very act of softening often reduces the pressure we put on ourselves just enough for new perspectives to emerge from inside out.

  • Align with Your Body’s Wisdom - Many people see their body, mind, emotions, and psyches as distinctly separate aspects of themselves. All of these aspects, however, are intimately intertwined. Our body stores the memories of our thoughts, emotions and psyche. Our bodies do not lie. What we attempt to mentally conceal from ourselves and hide deep within our psyche often comes out in our body. The body continually sends overt and subtle signals about what is going on within us.

As children we learned early how to energetically regulate our emotions. Maybe we held our breath or learned that if we breathes shallowly, we could reduce the pain we experienced. We may have discovered if we “kept our chin up” it suppressed our crying and prevented us from expressing sadness. When we were stressed, maybe we instinctively learned to tense our shoulders, so we could carry the psychological burdens that weighed us down.

Emotions are stored in our body until we release them. If we hold in emotions for long periods of time, the unreleased emotions may sink into our unconscious and become chronically locked into our bodies. It then may become difficult to even feel pain or sadness, much less express these feelings. We may not realize there is an underlying emotional reason we have become perpetually tensed, have difficulty breathing deeply, have migraine headaches, experience intense jaw pain or TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, or have a host of other physical symptoms.

Thermography Whole Body Back

Learning the language of our body can help us get in touch with deeply buried sub-plots of our emotional story that have been living out below our conscious awareness. It can also help us see where we hold the energy blocks in our body that limit access to our power center. Do we block ourselves with muscle tension, bad posture, or chronic pain? When we listen to our body’s natural intelligence and heed its wisdom, our body tells us where we are blocking access to our power source and how we can feel more comfortable in our own skin and be more authentically ourselves.



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