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Customized Presentations to Transform People's Lives


We do keynote speeches, media interviews, customized presentations, and in-depth workshops to guide individuals, groups and teams through a powerful heroic initiation. We help them navigate their personal and professional terrain, so they can heroically live, relate, work and lead from the center of themselves. From this integrated place, participants develop a “transformational mindset” that not only propels their own lives forward, but also positively impacts the organizations they serve and contributes to a transformed world!

Sample Television Interview

Messengers of Wisdom (Part 1):
2006 Interview with Joyce Edge
(14:58 minutes)


Sample of Client and Organizational Presentations

Hundreds of presentations to private industry, government & non-profit organizations, educational classes and presenter/keynote at conferences.

Sample Topic Areas

Personal Growth Topics to Help you Heroically Live from Your Center

Personal growth presentation

Our workshops and group intensives help you expand your awareness of yourself and your surroundings, so you can incorporate new patterns of thought, behavior and communication into your everyday life. Sample topics include:


Professional Excellence Topics to Help you Heroically Work from Your Center

Workplace presention.jpg

Our lively and interactive presentations and workshops are chocked full of practical tools that employees and leaders can immediately apply to real life work situations. Sample topics include:

  • Experience Your Work as a Heroic Journey©
    (Based on the book, Work as a Heroic Journey)

  • Develop Resilience in the Pressure Cooker©

Leadership Development Topics to Help you Heroically Lead from Your Center

Lead presentation.jpg

With the pace of transformation accelerating, it is becoming increasingly important as a leader to have ready access to all of the resources and skills you need to effectively lead the organizations you serve.

Whether you are seasoned veteran or an aspiring leader, our presentations and workshops will help stimulate your self awareness, provide thought-provoking discussions, inspire you to action, and give you practical tools that can be easily adapted to your work environment. Sample presentations include:

About the Primary Presenter

Marion Moss Hubbard, Ph.D.
Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology
Founder of Heroic Journey Consulting
Presenter, Mentor, Author & Educator

Client Testimonials

"[Marion], you have put so much heart into this project!...Thanks so much for your expertise, all your time, and your good judgement. It was a pleasure having you as a team member throughout this amazing experience."
―Danell Scarborough, Change Management Manager, OneSD Project - City of San Diego Enterprise Resource Planning System

"Thanks for sharing this wonderful feedback!!! Take care and we certainly appreciate the tools and tips you provided us."
―Thomas H. Johnson, Registry Manager, Public Authority - San Diego County

"It sounds like it was a wonderful session! You guys are the informal leaders of this culture change! I'm very pleased and proud of your enthusiasm and the energy you put into this! Thank you a zillion times over!"
―Gary Halbert, Director, City of San Diego - Development Services Department

"Staff Development Day was a tremendous success thanks to your hard work and leadership. I can truly say that I was able to step back and know that the plan covered necessities and that the staff would be pleased with the day. Thank you so much for all you put in to make it work so exceptionally well."
―Deborah L. Barrow, Library Director, San Diego Public Library

"I am grateful for all your hard work, initiative, and organization. The [Planning Commission] retreat was a success because of your pre-planning skills. Going into it this year, I just did not even think about that part of it because I knew that you would do a great job. Thanks for keeping me on track during the retreat as well. Feedback from other Commissioners has been positive."
―Tony Lettieri, Planning Commission Chair, City of San Diego

Participant Testimonials

"Excellent seminar! I will use this info in personal situations and in [my] work life."
―Participant at the Heroic Organization Presentation, Binghamton, NY

" I always talk to my students as they are entering field about 'social work as a heroic journey'...its such an inspiring way to think about what we do."
―Vicki Packheiser, LCSW, Clinical Associate Professor, The University of Texas at Austin, School of Social Work

“This was the best, most relevant workshop I have ever attended through the City of San Diego.”
M.L., Participant at Building Resilience in the Pressure Cooker, San Diego Public Library

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