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Let Your Life Beat to Your Heart Center

Let Your Life Beat to Your Heart Center

“A path without a heart is never enjoyable. You have to work hard even to take it. On the other hand, a path with heart is easy. It does not make you work at liking it.”
Carlos Casteneda 

We come into life as naturally loving beings. Our heart beats with the heart of the universe, the original source of our Compassionate Self. Our very presence in this physical reality radiates love into the world.

Our Core Being comes here with an open heart ready to receive the lessons our lives have to teach us, while it attempts to keep us aligned with truth, love, and our highest sense of morality. It speaks to us in the subtle “language of love.” Our heart has its own logic, which urges us to synchronize to the heartbeat of the universe. It speaks to us in whispers, poetry, symbols, archetypal images, and stories.

Listen to the Logic of Your Heart

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In our Western culture we are generally taught to override the “logic of our heart.” We learn instead how to rely primarily on the “logic of our head.” This mental intelligence can help us effectively live in the physical world. Although this cognitive understanding of data, ideas and processes, allows us to be “productive” human beings, our mental faculties have been elevated to near worshipful status. As a result, we tend to denigrate anything we can’t logically explain (meaning mentally process).

If we let the “logic of our head” lead our life unchecked, it pulls us away from our Heart Center. Without this essential connection, we are out of sync with the universal heart beat. We can’t access our central reference point. And we stop trusting our inner knowing and personal wisdom.

In abdicating our direct connection to these key inner resources, we often turn to others to lead us. This lack of self leadership, though, leads us away from our True Self. It also leaves a cavernous hole in us that we may unconsciously fill with deadening perceptions or self-destructive behaviors.

Take the Quantum Dive Straight Into Your Heart Center

It is important to mention that while our Heart Center has emotional undertones, it is not our feelings. Our Heart Center is a quantum level deeper within us. Our feelings, however, can offer clues for where to begin the journey back to our Heart Center. When our feelings and Heart Center are in sync, we relate to ourselves, others and the world from a totally different place.

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It takes courage to feel our feelings fully and deeply enough to unmoor ourselves from our external reference points and re-anchor to our True Self. It takes courage to risk heartbreak and shunning to gain greater self-love, intimacy, and a heightened sense of moral conscience. Our courage is totally worth it, though. We finally give ourselves the gift of fulfillment that comes from being in resonance with all of life. 



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