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“As human beings we are each meant to have a meaningful and deep connection with other humans, nature, and most importantly with ourselves. It is the connection with our own self, our true center, our Core Being… that we need and yearn for the most.”
―Elaine Rozelle

LIVE YOUR HEROIC STORY from inside out

Let your heroic story leap off the page at you

It can be challenging just to keep up with the fast pace of life today, much less make sense of it all. By seeing your challenges as story elements in your developing story of heroism, each experience becomes extraordinary and each one takes you a step closer to living from the center of yourself. From this place deep within, challenges with relationships, work or leadership, become your “heroic training ground” for your personal evolution.

The first step is to overlay the story of heroism on your life, so you can activate your heroism within and become who you are innately meant to be!

Hope for Overcoming Your sense of Disconnection

“There is no greater agony than to bear an untold story within you.”
―Maya Angelou

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So many of us today are detached from the universal story of heroism. We may live vicariously through fantasy movies or the real-life heroic story of others, but we may not know how to meaningfully apply it to our own life.

This detachment may be why so many of us feel a sense of internal fragmentation and a profound sense of disconnection. Disconnection from our environment. Disconnection from meaningful work. Disconnection from heart-felt relationships. And most importantly disconnection from a personal sense of well-being, inner peace and fulfillment that reside at the core of who we are. No wonder so many people feel such a sense of despair, anger, anxiety, depression and hopelessness!

No matter what your current personal circumstances, there is hope for overcoming your sense of disconnection. At Heroic Journey Consulting we are dedicated to helping you make the personal connections you so fervently desire, so you can live your best life. While this essence is the place within where we feel most naturally peaceful and at home, it may not be easy to connect to it. Our past conditioning, fears, suffering, and defense mechanisms may block our ability to access this most precious part of ourselves.

It takes courage to live from the center of ourselves in all that we do. For most of us this journey home to ourselves depends on our willingness to transform. We invite you to join us on this challenging, exhilarating AND ultimately rewarding heroic quest!

Use Your Heroism to tap into Your True Power Center

“Nothing exists without a center around which it revolves, whether the nucleus of an atom, the heart of our body, hearth of the home, capital of a nation, sun in the solar system, or black hole at the core of a galaxy. When the center does not hold, the entire affair collapses.”
─ Michael Schneider

Although the Center of each of us is not physically tangible, it provides a powerful, invisible organizing structure that helps us experience a cohesive sense of self. When we don’t tap into it, we may feel lost or less resilient when dealing with challenging situations. When we do tap into it, we have access to the place where our solace, peace of mind, self-love and wisdom reside. Most of us have not been taught how to operate from this place within, but it is never too late to be fully ourselves!

Live from Your center in the REAL world

Reaching Hands

RELATE from Your Center

As sentient human beings we are designed for connection: connection to other people, animals and nature as well as to ourselves. Learn how you can connect more deeply to live more fully.


Work from Your Center

Transform your work experiences into a heroic journey of character and consciousness development, where you find value from every situation and person encountered.

Matches In Row Ready To Burn

Lead from Your Center

True leaders know themselves and are able to create and inspire a vision for the common good of the organization and society. They then engage those they lead and give them the tools to succeed, which evokes the collective passion and drive to achieve the vision.

Support for Your Journey

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Mentoring - Guiding you to your Center

We all feel stuck at times, not sure about what to do on our own. If you want support for your personal or professional journey, we are here to facilitate your heroic initiation and provide additional guidance along the way.

Transformational Products

Products to Strengthen Your Center

Transformational tools you can put to immediate use in real life situations, so you can strengthen your heroic courage and character and live a fulfilling life.

Marion Interview with Joyce Edge

Presentations that speak Directly to Your Center

Customized presentations, keynote speeches, media interviews, and in-depth workshops to inspire individuals, groups and teams to more effectively navigate their personal and professional terrain.

Online Learning to Connect to your center

Heroic Transformation, our educational elearning affiliate, is designed to help activate your heroism within, so you can break through the limits that keep you from living your life from inside out!

FREE eCourses include:

  • Ignite Your Power to Transform
    A Guide Through Emotional Darkness Into the Lightness of Being

  • Living from Your True Self
    Practical Skills for Total Well-Being

  • Work as a Heroic Journey
    Use the Workplace to Evolve Your Character and Consciousness

  • Messengers of Wisdom
    Ten Ways People You Work with Can Help Evolve Your Heroic Character