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Heroically WORK From Your Center

As the pace of the workplace seems to be speeding up for many of us, our workdays can become very fragmented. We have competing demands on our time and energy. We get bogged down in minute details. We have endless meetings that interrupt our workflow and we are bombarded with more input than we sometimes feel we can handle. There may be times when we get so fragmented that we are overwhelmed, disorientated, disillusioned, or even demoralized.

Some of us feel great about our work, but our lives may still feel compartmentalized. One compartment contains our work life, another our home life, and another our social life. Even if each piece of our lives feel optimal, our overall life may feel like a mess.

Without an overall picture, we may lack the key piece that gives our lives a sense of integration, meaning, and purpose. It may be difficult to see how each fragment fits with the center of who we are. Without a core connection, a valuable part that work can play in our lives may be lost.

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This lack of core connection may account today for the negativity about the workplace that so many people feel. Some people see work as a daily grind that must be endured to get a paycheck. Others think of their work as a boring stopover while they wait for something better to come along that will bring them fame, fortune, happiness, or blissful retirement. And still others look at it as a nightmare filled with difficult co-workers, bosses, and customers whose only purpose is to create problems or headaches for them.

Live Your Heroic Workplace Story

Myth is a type of story that explains how or why things happen the way they do. It is an organizing mechanism that places our individual experience fragments into a unified whole. It does this by bringing together our thoughts, feelings, perceptions and actions into a meaningful plot, complete with characters, drama, comedy, intrigue, and action. Once we see how our experiences fit into the plot, they are no longer senseless separate pieces, but valuable contributors to our unfolding story.

One of the most enduring myths about how to effectively face life’s challenges is the story of heroism. The quest (as well as the journey along the way) is about overcoming external obstacles or dealing with internal challenges, resulting in the heroic individual giving something significant to society. Often in the process the person gains personal understanding, maturity, or wisdom from having gone through this “trial by fire.” The depth of the heroic experience often calls out the best human qualities from within.

Reframing our work experiences in terms of a heroic story means we become active participants in our unfolding heroic script. We no longer see ourselves as victims of circumstance. Although we do not have control over all of the events or the people we encounter, we do have control over what meaning we assign to our experiences and our perception about their contribution to our lives as a whole.

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Every Work Experience Leads you to Your Center

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From a heroic journey perspective, whether we considered our workplace experiences positive or negative, the workplace challenges us to find the heroism within to work from the center of ourselves in all that we do. Our labyrinth of experiences becomes our heroic training ground, which tests our heroic character.

The heroic journey can provide a powerful context for personal transformation and organizational transformation. It presents us with a variety of moral, ethical, psychological, and interpersonal tests to see how well we can put our principles into real life practice. It offers us the chance to gain insight from every situation and person encountered. It also urges us to become the human beings we are meant to be!

Let Your Workplace Consciousness Be Your Guide

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Our heroic maturity is revealed by how we respond to our workplace challenges. Can we embody such traits as integrity, truthfulness, authenticity, patience, commitment to quality, and adherence to personal value, no matter what comes our direction? Do we treat others with fairness and dignity, nurture and encourage them to be their best, and give back to society more than we take?

The workplace can provide a rich environment for evolving our heroic character and consciousness. It also provides a dynamic structure for expressing our ultimate heroic calling, which is to find our unique talents and gifts so we can serve humanity as only we can do. When we are on a heroic path of wisdom and service, we can reach potentials that are not otherwise possible. This is what the heroic workplace journey is all about.

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