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Personalized Mentoring

Personalized Mentoring

“The deep self has been referred to by many names over the ages… [It] simply waits for your sanity, that glimmer of light or recognition on your part. In short, it is waiting for your readiness to be aware of it.”
José Luis Stevens

If you are struggling with life’s challenges, feel something just isn’t right within you, or wonder if you were accidentally dropped off on the wrong planet, you are not alone. With all that is going on in the world right now, it can be hard to make sense of all that is happening externally, much less internally.

Most of us were not taught how to access the most precious resource we have to feel better about ourselves and the world around us: our Core Being at the center of ourselves. This is where we innately experience our peace of mind, sense of well being, joy and fulfillment. It is our homing beacon, calling us home to our true self.

Whatever terrible things may have happened to you, only one thing allows them to damage your core self, and that is continued belief in them.
─Martha Beck

Guidance Through Your Personal Challenges

It can take heroic dedication to access and consistently rely on this natural part of us, our true self. While you have a unique path to follow in life, you don’t have to face your personal challenges alone. Since there are commonalities to all of us as humans, there are others who have gone before you who have insight that can guide you along the way.

At Heroic Journey Consulting, we are here to support you on this heroic quest to get to the root of who you already are, so you can relate, work and lead from your Center. Using your personal wisdom and life experience, we help you activate your heroism within, develop the courage to transform your life, and guide you through your self discovery process along the way. We will encourage you to take the action steps needed to confidently move through each of your heroic stages of development, so you can live your best and most fulfilling life!


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We help you become your own best guide through life’s trials and tribulations, so you can come out on the other side of challenges with a “transformed mindset” that is more resilient, wiser and better able to handle whatever life sends your direction. Through a path we call Heroic Myth in Action Mentoring©, we help you:

  • Find hidden beliefs that hold you back,

  • Evolve perceptions and behaviors that no longer serve you,

  • Get to the root causes of your anxiety, fears, sadness, anger and depression, which prevent you from experiencing the sense of well-being that is waiting for you to claim, and

  • Discover your life purpose and step into your authentic power, so you can fulfill what you came to this earth to do!

Leadership Development Mentoring

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We help you leverage your leadership strengths and talents, while honestly facing areas within yourself that limit your ability to connect with and effectively lead yourself and those you serve.


Marion Moss Hubbard, Ph.D.
Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology, Founder of Heroic Journey Consulting
Mentor, Author, Educator & Presenter

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With expertise in Counseling Psychology; Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy; Creative Arts Counseling; Conscious Cultures Management Consulting; and Organizational, Career, and Personal Development Consulting.

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“During the most challenging and scary time in my life, when I was spinning out of control in every aspect: physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually, I was blessed with a guide, Marion Moss Hubbard.”
Elisa Christensen, Business Owner

"In an attempt to improve my relationship with my grown son, I booked a session with Marion. Through Marion's gentle guidance, I became aware of aspects of our relationship that were new to me. This information empowered me with the ability to change and heal our relationship. Although, my primary goal was to heal the relationship with my son, I experienced an extra bonus by understanding my relationship with my daughter at a much deeper level. Even today, almost a year later, I remember these images and their profound meaning."
LSB, Technical Writer

“Marion has offered me valuable insights, and development practices that have improved the quality of my career and personal decisions.  She also helped me transform my approach to people, career and life.  Her depth of experience and broad business experience have enabled me to reach within myself and get a better understanding of the issues surrounding my environment. 

She has also taught me the obstacles in my life are truly gifts and opportunities for learning, growing and better dealing with adversarial situations.

Marion has magnificent talents for training and coaching. Her honest and straightforward feedback is so appreciated and has been refreshing. She is very reliable and genuine. Anybody is lucky to have Marion in their life or in their personal and career development path.”
Arwa Sayed, Manager