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Fill Your Self Compassion Container


Since we are fallible human beings, we will inevitably make mistakes, act foolishly, hurt other people’s feelings, fail to meet our own moral standards and otherwise disappoint ourselves. That is part of our learning process. When we have a strong self-compassion container, we are able to more easily forgive ourselves for our foibles and release the guilt and shame that keep us from living life fully.

Having self-compassion doesn’t mean we let ourselves off the hook for our past transgressions. In fact it is just the opposite. Self-compassion helps us see ourselves more accurately, the good, the bad and the ugly. We become fiercely honest with ourselves and take responsibility for our perceptions and actions.

With this awareness we can be more accepting of ALL of who we are and where we are in our current personal development. We are then able to compassionately support ourselves in taking the next steps on our evolutionary path. With our self-compassion container full, we then have an infinite amount of compassion to share with the world.

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While you have a unique heroic path to follow in life, you don’t have to face your personal challenges alone. We are here to help you master those challenges through Life Guidance Mentoring and Leadership Development Mentoring.

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