Heroic Journey Consulting
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Commit to Lifelong Learning


“…I have come to believe that if we are willing to take that most difficult journey toward self-discovery and lifelong learning, we will lead lives filled with meaning and adventure. Moreover, we will gain the capacity to create and shape the future for ourselves and our organizations in ways we can hardly imagine.”
—Joseph Jaworski

Key to living life from our Center is dedication to lifelong learning. Many people have a fixed mindset. Their thinking is rigid and they believe their talents and abilities are unchangeable. They see themselves as having a certain lot in life or place in society that they must adhere to.

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As lifelong learners, however, we are committed to having a growth mindset. Our thinking is fluid and able to help us synthesize a variety of information. We know our talents, intelligence and capabilities can evolve over time. We see the world through eyes of creativity, expansiveness and opportunity. With this mindset we are excited about exploring the reaches of our inner and outer world.

When we operate in concert with our Core Being, we spiral upward in a self-reinforcing learning loop. The more we learn, the easier and more fun the learning becomes. It is this openness and light-hearted approach to learning that injects a sense of wonder and magic into our experiences and makes this process of living from our True Self possible. 



While you have a unique heroic path to follow in life, you don’t have to do it alone. We facilitate your heroic initiation through Life Guidance Mentoring and Leadership Development Mentoring.