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About Us

About Us

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Heroic Journey Consulting was founded in 1991. Since then we’ve worked with individuals and organizational leaders to facilitate personal, organizational and global transformation. We support clients to examine their internal terrain and their external relationships, so they can clear their past, bring forth their natural genius and fulfill what they came to this planet to do!

Our PHilosophy

Life can be challenging and fragmenting, which can lead us to a sense of disconnection from ourselves, others and the world around us. No matter what your current personal circumstances, there is hope for overcoming your sense of disconnection. But, it can take courage to live from the center of yourself in all that you do. For most of us the journey home to ourselves is a transformational journey. At Heroic Journey Consulting, through Mentoring, Products, Presentations, Blogs, Resources and HeroicTransformation.com (an affiliate educational learning portal) we are dedicated to helping you make the personal connections you so fervently desire.

The Heroic Journey Transformation Process

Transformation helps us courageously remove the obstacles that keep us from accessing and acting with clarity and compassion from the truth of who we are, no matter what the situation or person we encounter.

The Stages of the Heroic Journey

Although there is a different outer appearance for each person's journey, the stages required to get to each level of awareness are common to all of us.

Heroic Characteristics

Heroism is an inside job. Find out where you are in your personal development. Test your heroic mettle.

How The Heroic Journey Applies to Your Life

Most of us were not taught how to live from the Center of ourselves, the very core of who we are. In fact, we have developed defense mechanisms and resistances to keep this cherished treasure buried deep within us. As adults it is now up to us to take ourselves the rest of the way on this journey home to our cherished Inner Self.

Live from Your Center

Although your Center is not physically tangible, it provides a powerful, invisible organizing structure that helps you experience a cohesive sense of self. When you tap into it, you have access to the place where your solace, peace of mind, self-love and wisdom reside.

Relate from Your Center

As sentient human beings we are designed for connection to other people, animals and nature as well as to ourselves. Learn how you can connect more deeply and live more fully.

Work from Your Center

Transform your work experiences into a heroic journey of character and consciousness development, where you find value from every situation and person encountered.

Lead from Your Center

Many people have leadership titles. But, many fewer in these roles are true leaders. True leaders know themselves and are able to create and inspire a vision for the common good of the organization and society. They then engage those they lead and give them the tools to succeed, which evokes the collective passion and drive to achieve the vision.

Our Team

We are here to assist you on your journey home to the Center of yourself.

Marion Moss Hubbard, Ph.D.

  • Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology

  • Founder of Heroic Journey Consulting

I’m excited to welcome you to Heroic Journey Consulting! I specialize in the dynamics of personal, organizational and global transformation. I feel passionate about the transformational process, since I have experienced its personal power in my own life. As a Mentor, Author and Presenter, I am dedicated to helping transform individual’s lives, supporting leaders to get to the heart of organizational transformation and creating a collaborative and mutually supportive world.

Elaine A. Rozelle, MA, LVN

  • Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology

  • Licensed Practical Nurse in the State of California

A warm hello. I am the Founder of Journey to the Naked Soul and Strategic Business Partner with Heroic Journey Consulting. While I was trained as a health care professional, I realized after a powerful personal experience that my true calling was Guiding Individuals to become emotionally resilient and Mentoring Professionals who help others.

Strategic Allies

With expertise in Counseling Psychology-Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy; Creative Arts Counseling; Conscious Cultures Management Consulting; and Organizational, Career, and Personal Development Consulting.