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Transformational tools to promote awareness, personal growth and practical tips you can put to immediate use in real life situations.

The Heroic Path to Self-Forgiveness:
Change Your Story, Change Your Life©

Price: $19.95
By Marion Moss Hubbard, Ph.D.


Synopsis of the Book
Do you continually criticize yourself for past errors in judgment? Do you berate yourself for failures to take right action? Are you relentless in punishing yourself for hurting others you care about? This book can help you make peace with your past and create your personalized story of wholeness, joy and self-fulfillment!

San Diego Book Award Finalist!

Work as a Heroic Journey:
Using the Workplace to Evolve Your Character and Consciousness©

Price: $19.95
By Marion Moss Hubbard, Ph.D.

Synopsis of Book
Work as a Heroic Journey challenges readers to transform their work experiences into a heroic journey of character and consciousness development, where value can be found from every situation and person encountered. 

Messengers of Wisdom:
Ten Ways People You Work with Can Help Evolve Your Heroic Character©

Price: $6.95
By Marion Moss Hubbard, Ph.D.

Synopsis of Booklet
When you are dedicated to personal growth, the people you work with can become messengers that help you attain workplace wisdom. This booklet offers ten common messages that can help you deal with others from a less defensive, more compassionate and enlightened perspective. 

Removing Your Mask: No More Hiding From Your Truth©
Price: $13.95
By Marion Moss Hubbard, Ph.D.

Synopsis of Book
This book helps readers recognize the signs of 
gullibility and victimization, so they can free themselves from
the games that manipulators play to take advantage of them. 

Forthcoming Title

Journey to the Naked Soul:
The Seven Evolutions to the Center of Yourself

Price: To be determined
By Elaine Rozelle, MA, LVN 

Journey to the Naked Soul Book Cover

Synopsis of Book
One woman’s journey to the painful precipice of her existence and how she used her wisdom to retrieve her soul from the abyss and return to the world in a more integrated, authentic and joyful way of living! She shares her experience to help guide readers on a journey of transformation from pain to self-fulfillment. More details forthcoming!