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Let Your Leadership Reflect Your Core Strength

Let Your Leadership Reflect Your Core Strength

“My grandmother used to say, "get some starch in your backbone." We could all stand a little straighter.”
Maya Angelou

Leading from our center with heart doesn’t mean we are weak leaders. To the contrary. It gives us the inner strength to do what we know is the action called for to benefit the good of the whole, even when it is personally challenging or counter to our personal interest.


We see a lot of people today in leadership roles, who profess to be “strong” leaders, who are in fact are anything but strong. These are the people who willingly sell out those they purport to lead for their own self-interest. They take what they want “by any means necessary,” including through manipulation and lies, so they can maintain their position in an organization or retain their sense of entitlement in the hierarchical system.

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This false sense of strength, though, is not sustainable. Since it does not arise from our Center where our true power resides, it is like a house of cards that eventually collapses on itself. It is a weak, fearful persona that actually demonstrates a lack of Ego maturity and reflects an internal sense of hollowness and underdeveloped moral fiber.


When we assume a leadership role, it does not change who we are as a person. It reveals our level of personal development under the leader persona. It tells us how well we actually live from our center, relate from our center and work from our center. There is nothing like leadership that brings to the surface, for the whole world to see, all our hidden fears and weaknesses!

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Leading from our core strength doesn’t mean we shrink from what we see when standing naked in the truth of where we are in our personal evolution. What it does mean is that we know at an experiential level that our true strength arises not from how we relate to the world around us, but from how we relate to OURSELVES as we deal with other people and the outside circumstances we encounter. This may seem like a subtle distinction. But, in fact it is a major difference in perspective that can drastically alter our perception of ourselves and how we lead.

From this leadership vantage point, we know our true strength as a leader is a reflection how well we own our core strength as a human being. It is a contemplative and non-defensive stance from the center of our being. From this place we are not reactive to the pressures from others or the chaos around us, but instead we thoughtfully respond from our wisdom within and what we know we need to do.

It gives us the opportunity to go more deeply into self-knowledge. It is our “go to” reflective place to receive clarity about the dynamics at play. It also helps us align with the intention to make a greater contribution to the world through our leadership. When we come from this perspective it is not difficult to lead with integrity. It is a natural outgrowth of who we are.

Because we are dedicated to our own personal development as a leader, it is second nature to help those we serve with their personal development. Instead of jealously guarding information as many people do who cling to the false persona of leadership, we willingly share what we know so we can “pay leadership forward.” We are dedicated to playing our part in the long arc of history to model evolved leadership for the next generation.

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