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Develop Your Transformational Mindset

Develop your “Transformational Mindset”

You already have all the power and wisdom internally you need to experience the lightness, freedom and pure joy of being alive! This may be hard to believe if you’re suffering in the darkness of fear, emotional pain, depression, or anger. But, take heart. There is hope for moving out of this dark place, even if it has been longstanding or you feel really stuck on a particular issue.

At this point all you need to do is commit to seeing the challenges you face as necessary elements in your heroic story. Once you make this commitment, you have begun to develop a "transformational mindset." With this new mindset, you redefine challenges as necessary lessons to be mastered in your heroic quest to align your thoughts, behaviors and actions to the very core of who you are. From this perspective your challenges do not define you, but can help shape who you are capable of becoming!

It is this “transformational mindset” that activates your heroism within and propels your life forward. In the beginning, though, it may not be easy. The good news is that you don’t have to take the first steps alone. There are others who have gone before to help you master your challenges. Another piece of good news is that with dedication and practice you will begin to trust your own internal guidance system to take you the rest of the way on your unfolding heroic journey.

What is Transformation and Why Is It So Powerful?

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Transformation in this context is a "metamorphosis" that evolves an aspect of our thoughts, behavior or actions that has been out of alignment between our inner and outer worlds. Once we are in alignment, the metamorphosis that we have undergone powers our movement through the stages of our heroic journey. We have more courage to remove the obstacles that keep us from accessing and acting with clarity and compassion from the truth of who we are, no matter what situation or person we encounter. In essence, having a “transformational mindset” doesn’t change us. It is instead an uncovering process that gives us access to our Core Being, the authentic, powerful, peaceful and most cherished part of us that lies at the center of who we are.

Transform Your Mindset Phase by Phase

There are three phases that power this internal metamorphosis that, when used together, reweave our thoughts, behaviors and actions into a new more evolved heroic alignment and cohesive sense of Self.

  • Phase 1 - Shed Your Misperceptions
    Helps you clear obstacles, so you can connect with your Core

  • Phase 2 - Own Your Inner Wisdom
    Is your “wake up call” to develop a new mindset

  • Phase 3 - Reinvent Yourself from Inside Out
    Helps you better align your outer reality with your Inner Wisdom

Copyright 2019 by Marion Moss Hubbard and Heroic Journey Consulting

Copyright 2019 by Marion Moss Hubbard and Heroic Journey Consulting

Although the phases of transformation were depicted above as linear, in actuality the phases are intertwined as they inform one another in a continuous learning loop. Each new insight gained, inner truth acknowledged and painful experience cleared, realigns us with the Center of ourselves. It is this alignment that propels us to the next stage of our heroic journey. Actively using the power of transformation within a heroic context brings our evolutionary urge into practical reality, one experience at a time.

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