Heroic Journey Consulting
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Overlay the Story of Heroism on Your Life

Overlay The Story of Heroism on Your Life

“Heroism is ever available, and in fact it is through ordinary experiences that the ordinary person can become extraordinary.”
—George Sheehan

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How often do children ask their parents, “Will you tell me a story?” Even as children we instinctively know the power of storytelling. Humans are genetically programmed to respond to stories. Stories provide us with a sensory mechanism to comprehend and make meaning out of the complexity of information swirling around and inside of us. As Annette Simmons, author of The Story Factor points out, “Story is the DNA of all meaning – nothing is important but for the story you tell yourself about it.”

The heroic journey is a particularly powerful story. In his book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell contended that there is a “universal face” to heroism because everyone’s life is a mythological heroic journey. We all must find within ourselves the heroic character to face what life has to offer. There is an inner drive within each of us “to suffer the agony of adult life, to gain its rewards, and to ‘make a name.’... To...embark on the quest is to move from the inner sufferings of adolescence to the active pursuits of the prime of life.”

In our personal lives, it is how effectively we deal with the challenges along the way that determines whether we simply exist and just get by or lead a heroic life. When we are willing to transform, we take the first step into a powerful heroic initiation. It becomes easier to courageously face life’s challenges with heart and grit, knowing it will ultimately help us live life more fully and authentically. It is from this more evolved place within that we can contribute to the world from the best version of ourselves.

So many of us today are detached from this universal story of heroism. We may live vicariously through fantasy movies or the real-life heroic story of others, but we may not know how to meaningfully apply it to our own life. This detachment may be why so many of us feel a sense of internal fragmentation and disconnection.

By placing our subjective experiences into a story of personal unfolding heroism, we see how every experience strengthens our character, courage, resolve and resilience. This indelible memory tool helps place the real-life situations we encounter into the larger context of transformation, which brings a more evolved meaning to our experiences.


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To embark on our heroic journey, not only do we need to undertake it with courage, but also with heart. It is important to let our life beat to our heart-center, so we can compassionately connect to all that is, internally and externally.

It takes self-compassion to uncover the hidden gems at the center of ourselves, which have been there all along buried beneath our pain and defensiveness. When we operate from this powerful heart-center, we naturally light the way to bring forth our personal wisdom, inner truth, empathy for others and desire to serve the world as only we uniquely we can do!