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Book | Work as a Heroic Journey

Work As a Heroic Journey

San Diego Book Award Finalist!

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Gain Insight and Value from Every Work Experience!

Work as a Heroic Journey: Use the Workplace to Evolve Your Character and Consciousness
The workplace challenges us to discover the heroism within to work from the center of ourselves in all that we do. As a “labyrinth of experiences,” it presents us with a variety of moral, ethical, psychological, and interpersonal tests to help us become the human beings we are meant to be! 

You will learn

  • How the heroic journey can help you transform your work experiences into a “heroic training ground” for the evolution of your character and consciousness.

  • How the heroic journey’s ten stages can help you successfully move through your personal process of development.

  • How to tap into your heroic infrastructure to become a more effective agent of change. ” How service to others is the ultimate demonstration of your heroic maturity.

  • How to expand your heroic consciousness to experience greater meaning and joy in your work  

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    Publication Date: January 2005
    ISBN: 0-9631341-1-6
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What Others Have to Say About the Book

Inspiring and Enlightening!
Dr. Moss Hubbard crystallizes those issues that we are vaguely aware of which filter and block our ability to cope with the work environment. Her lessons are practical and her suggestions are thought provoking. Great for a workgroup to review and study together.
Linda Giannelli Pratt
Former Chief,  Office of Environmental Protection and Sustainability (OEPS), City of San Diego Environmental Services Department

A must read book!
This book made a major impact on my idea of what work should be like. I was under the assumption that work was just a way to collect a paycheck and my real life started at 5 pm. I recommend this book to anyone who questions their role at work. Contained within the book are milestones to check where you are on your Heroic Journey.
Jason L. Mahlin, Seattle, WA

A New Tool for Workplace Challenges
Marion Moss Hubbard has created a valuable framework in which change, confusion, frustration and success can all be viewed as a cycle of growth within an organization. A very helpful tool for both individuals and organizations.
Peter Wallis, Group Facilitator/Consultant, Kirkland, WA