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Come Back to Your Home Within


I know all too well the restlessness, anxiety, anger and immense sadness that so many people currently experience. For many years, even though I functioned well in the outer world, I often had many of these feelings. Just under the surface of my conscious awareness, I felt that something just wasn’t quite right within me.

Through years of therapy, education, introspection, and life experience, I now know that I was missing being comfortable in my own skin, flaws and all. Now that I live in the center of myself more often, I realize how rare this is and I appreciate how much effort it took to get here. Do I always stay in my center? No. But, it is the place I now come back to whenever I forget where home truly is.

This inner sense of Self is the place that feels most natural within me when my fear is stripped away. It is my place of internal solace, peace of mind and total relaxation. It is the place where I experience universal wisdom beyond what I can personally know. It is the place that gives me the emotional resilience to bend like a reed in the wind when in the midst of external chaos and personal relationship challenges. It is the place where I feel most in the flow with life and experience the joy that comes from being a lifelong learner dedicated to personal transformation. It is also the place where I used to hide my inner unique gifts, which I now freely share with the world.

We see the toll it takes on us when we don’t know how to get back home to our inner Self. The disconnection often results in self-punishment, depression, addictions, and relationship problems. We may get easily rattled by change or need our external environment to be “perfect” to feel safe in the world. We may be overly disappointed by the behavior of others or harbor a deep resentment when we feel others let us down.

We see the cultural ramifications of so many people in our society who do not feel at home within themselves. The personal sense of disconnection has become amplified into epidemics including homelessness, opioid addiction, indifference and cruelty to the plight of others, political tribalism, the rise of hate groups, gun violence, war, etc. 

The fact is that we all have an internal homing beacon calling us back home to the center of ourselves in all that we think, feel and do. Unfortunately, through our conditioning, painful experiences and deep traumas, we often override this internal guidance system. When we do, though, it makes finding our sense of home seem even more elusive.   

The good news is that coming home to ourselves doesn’t require us to change. It is exactly the opposite. It is much more of a stripping away all that has limited our ability to experience our home within that is already innately who we are.

One of the main tasks of coming into our own in adulthood is to really listen to our emotions. Most of us don’t do that. Instead we attempt to override our emotions, numb them though addictions or drown them out with the busyness of “doing.” When we begin to hear the underlying messages our emotions are trying to communicate, they point us in the direction our internal homing beacon is calling us.

This is not to say we won’t encounter experiences that take us away from the center of ourselves. As learning, growing human beings, we will inevitably receive shocks to our system and unwanted relationship gifts that challenge how well we can operate from our center. The more we practice allowing that center to become our internal gyroscope, the less we will be rocked off center. The more natural it also will feel to call this place home!  

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