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Book | Removing Your Mask

Removing Your Mask 

Removing Your Mask Book Cover

Live free from gullibility and victimization

Removing Your Mask: No More Hiding from Your Truth
This book will challenge you to discover the truth behind the “mask of gullibility and victimization.” You will learn how to quit being manipulated or controlled by others. And you will learn the joy that comes from claiming your own power, speaking your truth, and living authentically.

You will discover how wearing masks:

  • Makes you easy prey to manipulation and control

  • Encourages self-destructive “bully/victim” game

  • Negates your strengths and emphasizes your weaknesses

  • Sabotages your happiness and keeps you from finding out who you really are

Tools You will Learn

  • Turn your gullibility into wisdom

  • Trade fear for freedom

  • Access and strengthen your courage

  • End struggling with yourself and others

  • Rediscover your individuality and unique gifts to the world

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Retail Price: $13.95

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Publication Information

Orion Publishing Company
Publication Date: 1991
Reprinted 1992
ISBN: 0-9631341-0-8
Trade Paperback

What Others Have to Say About the Book

“I really value and appreciate the book! I value its simplicity and clarity. I found it confrontive, supportive and empowering!!”
RY, Koloa, HI

“Your book has been a tremendous help. I have read my share of self-help books. But your book has almost a singular effect upon me…You gave the best, the clearest description yet, I’ve ever seen in print or ever heard of!…You gave the best, the clearest description yet, I’ve ever seen in print or ever heard of!…There are so many meaningful passages that I expect this book to be one of my ‘all time favorites’ for some time to come!”
TG, Conwall, NY

“This book may replace years of therapy! Marion Moss gives us the inspiration to uncover the happiness that is just waiting to embrace us.”
DJZ, Edmonds, WA

“This book is a great book. It gives a lot of insight to those who don’t understand and witness to those who do.”
SF, Wilsonville, OR

“This is a ‘must read’ if you are interested in living your truth while connecting from your heart.”
Velma Peace, Bellevue, WA Bookstore Reviewer