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Heroic Journey Transformation Process

The Heroic Journey Transformation Process

“Heroism is ever available, and in fact it is through ordinary experiences that the ordinary person can become extraordinary.”
-George Sheehan

In his book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell contended that there is a “universal face” to heroism because everyone’s life is a mythological heroic journey. We all must find within ourselves the heroic character to face what life has to offer. There is an inner drive within each of us “to suffer the agony of adult life, to gain its rewards, and to ‘make a name.’... To...embark on the quest is to move from the inner sufferings of adolescence to the active pursuits of the prime of life.” It is how effectively we deal with the challenges along the way that determines whether we simply exist and just get by or lead a heroic life. 

Live Your Heroic Story

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By placing our subjective experiences into a story of personal unfolding heroism, we see how every experience strengthens our character, courage, resolve and resilience. This indelible memory tool helps place the real life situations we encounter into the larger context of transformation, which brings a more evolved meaning to our experiences. This is why the heroic journey is such a universally powerful metaphor for the human process of transformation.

Move through The Stages of Your Heroic Journey

While each person’s heroic journey is unique and will have a different outer appearance, the stages to get to the next level of wisdom are common to all of us. Understanding these stages of development can help us courageously move through each stage to the next. 

Experiencing our lives as a heroic journey is an “inside job,” which allows us to continue living our ordinary life, but from a new perspective. It places the short-term struggles and lifelong challenges we face in a more evolved context. It also gives us the deeper sense of meaning, purpose and joy we all ache to know from inside out!

Let Your Heroic Heart Light the Way

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To embark on our heroic journey, not only do we need to undertake it with courage, but also with heart. Our heart-center compassionately connects us to all that is, internally and externally.

It takes self-compassion to uncover the hidden gems at the center of ourselves, which have been there all along buried behind our pain and defensiveness. When we operate from this powerful heart-center, we naturally light the way to bring forth our personal wisdom, inner truth, empathy for others and desire to serve the world as only we uniquely we can do! 

Ignite Your Power to Transform

Our willingness to transform is what powers our movement through each stage of our heroic journey. In the context of what we are discussing here, transformation is a "metamorphosis" that evolves an aspect of our perception or behavior to better align our inner and outer worlds. It helps us courageously remove the obstacles that keep us from accessing and acting with clarity and compassion from the truth of who we are, no matter what situation or person we encounter. In essence, transformation doesn’t change us. It is instead an uncovering process that gives us access to our Core Being, the authentic, powerful, peaceful and most cherished part of us that lies at the center of who we are.


Transform Phase by Phase

Copyright 2018 by Marion Moss Hubbard and Heroic Journey Consulting

Copyright 2018 by Marion Moss Hubbard and Heroic Journey Consulting

The transformational process is not something that is theoretical. It is an actual mechanism we can use for our real world evolution.

There are three phases to the transformational process that, when used together, become our roadmap for placing our experiences in a heroic context:

  • Phase 1 - Shed Your Misperceptions
    This phase helps you clear obstacles, so you can connect with your Core

  • Phase 2 - Own Your Inner Wisdom
    This phase is your “wake up call” to develop a new mindset

  • Phase 3 - Reinvent Yourself from Inside Out
    This phase helps you better align your outer reality with your Inner Wisdom

Although the transformational phases were depicted above as linear, in actuality the phases are intertwined as they inform one another in a continuous learning loop. Each new insight gained, inner truth acknowledged and painful experience cleared, realigns us with our Core Being. It is this alignment that propels us to the next stage of our heroic journey.

The heroic journey is a powerful container for our personal evolution. Actively using the tranformational process within that heroic container brings our evolutionary urge into practical reality, one experience at a time.

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